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Seducing The Admin – S1:E8


Lilly Ford, Kyler Quinn, and Katie Kush are in a group detention home together. They’re talking in group therapy with their admin, Alex Legend to share what they’ve done to make changes and how the home has helped them. Too bad Lilly is totally lying given that she has shoved a vibrator into her pussy to sneak it into the group therapy. Using a remote control, she turns it on right there in the circle.Alex is oblivious to Lilly’s naughtiness until she cums and can’t hold in her moans. When he realizes that Lilly is rocking some contraband, he tells her to strip so he can find the vibrator. When Lilly is naked, Alex kicks Kyler and Katie out and tells Lilly that he needs the vibrator. He’s also going to have to write her up. Lilly claims she’ll do anything to keep that from happening, a claim she makes good on when she sees that Alex’s big dick is nice and hard. She whips out his fuck stick and starts blowing him despite his protests.Soon, Alex is too turned on to tell Lilly no. She turns around on the chair so Alex can satisfy her cock craving pussy with his huge dick. Grinding against Lilly doggy style just makes Alex want more, so he sits down and lets Lilly work out all her base needs as she rides him. Turning around for a reverse cowgirl show, Lilly then gets back on the chairs with her legs held high to open herself up for Alex to do whatever he wants. He finishes off her hard pussy pounding by pulling out and creaming all over Lilly’s stomach. Now Alex can’t write Lilly up, leaving her doubly satisfied with the outcome of her vibrator stunt.

Date: March 12, 2023
Actors: Lilly Ford

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